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Vintage Modern | Issue 12.06

by Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sometimes, the more often we see thingsĀ around us (beautiful ones especially), the more it is that we “don’t” see them at all – taking for granted of those truly wonderful things as we go. A L E X I S has been one of the favourite hangout bar restaurant at the Gardens. The classic yet modern contemporary interior gives a sophisticated vibe that is extremely welcoming even if it’s just for a drink or two with your friends and colleagues over the weekend, downtown, in the metropolitan Mid Valley City.


by Saturday, February 13, 2016

It was supposed to be an intimate birthday dinner, just few of us friends together catching up over drinks and yummy food. I did not exactly know where. We always have this tradition of not telling the birthday boy or girl where the celebration venue is just to get the little excitement running.

Yes, I do.

My heart was beating real fast, it was one of the most nervous moment in my life besides having to go up on school stage for Public Speaking competition when I was a kid (which I have decided to take part in myself God knows why). Well anyway, it wasn’t exactly a “Yes, I do.” but… *sniffy smile*