Finding “The” Date

by Friday, March 18, 2016

Well according to Chinese traditions and beliefs, an engaged couple must find that ONE auspicious date for the wedding day. In other words, you cannot freestyle your date and choose your own even if its your favourite day. Everything has to go accordingly to “The Book” (a thick Chinese scriptures that is renewed yearly), where the ‘sifu’ or master will read through and find that one day that will suit both our own zodiacs and birthdates together as well as our parents’.

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“Loh Tim Kee” is the one we went to seek for consultation on the very beautiful day of ‘Chap Goh Mei’ (also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day during our Lunar New Year). They are well-known for their Chinese traditional wedding services since the 60’s, and it was surprisingly near to our new place. Everyone there was incredibly nice and friendly, they sell a lot of wedding stuffs too that we will definitely need for the traditional ceremony. The ‘sifu’ guided us through and helped us choose the best dates available for our big day this year.


It is pretty much a step-by-step process. First you get a few choices of good dates, then you will need to bring those dates and ask whether the hotel ballrooms or restaurants that you wanted are still available or not on those dates (I mean, you are not the only one getting married and there aren’t many venue choices out there really). If the dates mentioned are available, you are pretty darn lucky. If not, C H O O S E again. The process will go back and forth for quite a few times and this is definitely one of those things that you can’t really rely on your wedding planner to do it for you.


So yeah. It was fun nevertheless to do it with this cheeky boy here, I really love it when he is always taking charge and making all the decisions and planning for our wedding although both of us are pretty much lost all the time. Such a man ^^


Our dates have yet been finalized for the  big day, but we are almost there. 🙂 That’s it for now! Talk soon sweet cheeks. x